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New & Improved Powerful 6-in-1 eCommerce Product Research Software for AliExpress.com

We Go Live Monday May 13 @ 12pm EST (9am PST)

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Product Description

    • Contains 6 powerful tools for analyzing products on AliExpress.com
    • Instantly generate thousands of highly targeted niche keywords in just seconds using the built-in keyword generator tool.
    • Get instant access to a treasure trove of hidden profitable niches using the "Deep Search" option.
    • Analyze all the best sellers on AliExpress in over 380 categories to instantly uncover the top selling products for your own eCommerce store!
    • Using the Best Sellers tool you'll get instant access to the most FRESH top products where AliExpress continues to update this list every hour of every day!
    • Quickly search AliExpress for any keyword using powerful search options to see the exact top selling products you need for your own eCommerce store!
    • Search using the AliExpress search engine, the Bing search engine, or input your own list of AliExpress product links.
    • Instantly get 33 different metrics for every product making it easier than ever to find the EXACT products to dropship in just minutes!
    • Search using the AliExpress search engine, the Bing search engine, or input your own list of AliExpress product links.
    • Built-In AliExpress Product Link Scrapper!
    • Instantly get the sales per country, sales per day, sales per day of week, and sales per hour of day for absolutely ANY product on AliExpress!
    • You can analyze the most recent 1,000 transactions for ANY product on AliExpress in just 10-20 seconds!
    • You can see how many sales per day were found during the most recent 1,000 transactions.
    • You can see the total number of sales per day of week, and the total number of sales per hour of day.
    • You instantly see the total transactions, total items ordered, and the estimated revenue by country!
    • Import unlimited number of products directly into your Shopify & WooCommerce stores in just minutes!
    • Auto-generate the sale price from the markup percentage and can also auto-generate a regular price from the predefined discount percentage!
    • Auto-generates useful SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) for each imported product variation.
    • Import customer review images to really make your reviews POP!
    • You can import unlimited number of reviews for unlimited number of products. You get FULL freedom with no restrictions!
    • You can import reviews directly into your Shopify or WooCommerce stores.
    • You can also use the import CSV file for any other eCommerce platform.
    • Get only the best reviews you really need in your ecommerce stores by quickly approving or rejecting reviews to import.
    • Easily Translate Reviews into Any Language!
    • You can download all the image variations and details for an unlimited number of products directly from AliExpress!
    • You can create "Groups" of favorites making it super easy to organize your products for several categories as well as different ecommerce stores.
    • Instantly Preview all Product Images and Data!
    • Get blazing-fast quick-filters at the top of the columns. With just one-click you instantly get the data you want to see!
    • You can also create any custom filter you want for any column you wish.

    The All NEW & Powerful 6-in-1 AliExpress Product Research Software that Generates Niche Keywords, Analyzes Bestsellers, and Uncovers Top Performing Dropship Products for Your eCommerce Store in just Minutes!

    Here is the main sales video below showing a full demo of the software...

    Sales Page Preview( link opens in a new window )

    Funnel & Commissions

    Earn up to $156 per referral from the funnel all our backend funnels. Our offers sell like CRAZY on the backend and it will be the easiest commissions you've ever earned!

    Plus, in 2019 I have several more software apps coming out and you get 50% commissions on all backend offers for life!

    Launch Details

    HOT 5-Day Product Launch

    This product launch will be 5 days, starting on Monday May 13th 12pm EST and the ending on May 17th at Midnight EST. Grab your swipes below and load up your autoresponders right away.

    JV Contest

    We are also running a JV contest with NO MINIMUMS where you get the chance to win a chunk of the $3k+ of prize cash! All prize cash will be paid via paypal on the following day after the launch period ends. We also plan to run several more contests during the launch, make sure to sign up for our launch updates at the top of this page to keep up-to-date with the results!

    Marketing Content

    Email Swipes

    Early-bird angle

    1) (Just Released) – Early-bird Discount for Ali Inspector Version 2
    2) (4 HOURS ONLY) – Don’t miss your early-bid discount
    3) Top eCom Research Software – Get Your Early-Bird Discount Here (Expires in 4 Hours)

    This is just a real quick message to let you know about
    the new “Ali Inspector Version 2” software that was just
    released …

    .. it’s a very powerful but simple software used to uncover
    top selling products on AliExpress for selling in your ecom
    stores or through arbitrage on Amazon and ebay.

    BUT, you only have 4 hours to take advantage of their
    early-bird discount:

    Get your Early-Bird discount here (4 hours only)


    Make sure to check out their demo video at the top of
    the page to see all the new incredible features loaded
    in the software. It’s truly amazing!


    See you there,


    New Software Angle

    1) NEW Ali Inspector Version 2 is AWESOME!
    2) NEW – Want to know the TOP selling products on AliExpress?
    3) NEW – eCommerce Product Research software for AliExpress

    Just Released – New & Improved Powerful ecommerce product
    research software for AliExpress

    Finding the best products to sell in your ecommerce store
    can be very challenging, especially with the increasing
    competition in the marketplace.

    But, not anymore!

    With the newly released version 2 of the very popular
    Ali Inspector software, it’s now easier than ever to
    uncover those “golden nugget” products you desperately
    need in your stores!

    Watch the demo video here ( INSERT LINK HERE )

    The new version is absolutely PACKED with amazing features …

    NEW – Product sales history tool
    NEW – 15 Times FASTER than version 1
    NEW – Import unlimited products to Shopify & WooCommerce
    NEW – Best sellers tool – See ALL the best sellers for over 380 AliExpress categories
    NEW – Favorites tool with grouping
    NEW – More extracted data, get 33 data points for each product
    NEW – See the top AliExpress products through Bing

    In fact, there are 6 powerful tools built into this
    amazing desktop software.

    It’s like have 6 software in one!

    1) Keyword Generator
    2) Best Sellers Tool
    3) Keyword Search Tool
    4) Shopify & WooCommerce Product Import Tool
    5) Product Sales History Tool
    6) Favorites with groups Tool

    Plus, you can even import product reviews with images
    directly into Shopify or WooCommerce.

    Not only that, they also upgraded the product downloading
    tool which now allows you to download product descriptions,
    images, & html content for unlimited products directly
    to your computer!

    The list goes on and on ..

    You have to check out all the details here ( INSERT LINK HERE )

    Also, they are currently running a launch discount,
    so if you want to grab a copy at the lowest price,
    right now is the time.


    Thanks for reading and talk soon,


    How to angle

    1) How to find best selling products for your eCom store…
    2) TIP – Want to see how to find the top selling eCom products?
    3) Need better selling eCommerce products? You have to see this!
    4) Need better selling eCommerce products? Then see this AWESOME trick!

    One awesome and very effective trick for finding potential
    top sellers for your eCommerce store is to uncover products
    that are not saturated in the market, but are still selling
    very well.

    One method is to head over to AliExpress.com and search in
    one of the categories looking for products that have sold
    several hundred orders within the last month or so ..

    … but, avoid the products that have sold thousands and have
    basically over-saturated in the market.

    In addition, try to stay away from products that have sold
    thousands several months ago, but are not selling anymore.

    The trick is to navigate several pages into the category
    results, or search results.

    Unfortunately, this can take a lot of time and you usually
    get overwhelmed quickly and simply give up the search.

    Another awesome method is to use powerful AliExpress product
    research software that does all the hard work for you in just

    One of the best tools on the market was just recently
    updated with some massively powerful features ..

    .. it’s called, “Ali Inspector Version 2”

    See it here ( INSERT LINK HERE )

    With this new software you can easily uncover those hidden
    top selling products you need in your store.

    Here is how:

    Step 1: Using the new best sellers tool inside Ali Inspector,
    select one of the 380+ categories related to your niche

    Step 2: In the page range, select pages 4 to 10

    Step 3: Click the “Go” button

    And in less than 30 seconds you will get hundreds of the
    top selling non-saturated products in that category!

    It’s absolute fascinating how well it works and how many
    products you can find right in the “sweet spot”

    Next, you can use custom filters to narrow down your search
    to the exact products you need.

    For example, here are some suggested filters that work well:

    – ePacket with free delivery ( or very inexpensive delivery )
    – delivery time 2 weeks or less
    – over 300 orders
    – over 4.5 rating
    – low price, $1 – $10
    – weight 5lbs or less
    – more than 100 reviews
    – more than 500 stock

    and some optional filters to consider:
    – a top brand
    – no brand name
    – contains a video
    – less than 20 variations
    – store age more than 1 year
    – 100 or more wishes

    Finally, you can use the built-in sales history tool to see
    how many sales your filtered products have been getting in
    the past month.

    You can even see the number of sales per country, the number
    of sales per day, the number of sales per day of week, and
    the number of sales per hour of day!

    You can’t even get that data from AliExpress without knowing
    some coding ninja tricks!

    Currently the product owner is running a launch discount,
    so if you want to get access at the lowest price, then
    now is the perfect time to grab your copy!

    To see this amazing software in action, watch the demo video
    on the following page .. you won’t regret it:



    To your success,


    Offering ecom research as a service angle

    1) Want to sell ecom product research reports?
    2) HOT TIP – How to make money selling research reports using this software
    3) Need extra income? You have to see this idea!
    4) Another way to use Ali Inspector version 2 – Sell reports?

    A new version of the top selling software called, “Ali Inspector”
    was just released and it’s absolutely PACKED with some incredible
    new features.

    BUT .. there is another way to earn revenue using this new software.

    If you grab the commercial license version of the software,
    you are permitted to generate research reports and deliver
    those reports to your clients as a service and keep 100%
    of the income!

    Not only that, you can also use the software to import unlimited
    products directly into your client’s shopify or woocommerce stores!

    You can even create your very own business offering research
    and product importing as a service and sell your services on
    sites like Fiverr!

    Plus, you can even import product reviews with images into
    your client’s ecom stores.

    It even get’s better!

    You can use the brand new “Product Sales History” tool to generate
    sales reports for any product along with graphical data images.

    In the report, you get the total number of sales per day,
    sales per day of week, and sales per hour of day.

    Plus, you can see the total sales per country!

    And, you can deliver these reports to your clients and keep
    100% of the income.

    You can easily sell your services for $100-$500 per report package!

    eCommerce store owners are always desperately trying to find
    the best top selling products for their stores and therefore,
    they are not spending enough time on their marketing campaigns.

    So, you can easily provide the research service to the ecom store
    owners and earn income very easily.

    Grab your copy of the new Ali Inspector version 2 software through
    the following link (and watch the demo video to see how easy it is
    to use):


    But make sure to grab your copy ASAP .. because they are currently
    running a launch discount for the new version and it will expire
    very soon.


    To your success,


    eCom angle

    1) Want More eCommerce Sales? Then use this NEW software?
    2) Do you sell in eCommerce? Check out this AWESOME new software…
    3) WOW … you need to use this software for your eCommerce store!
    4) Improve your eCom sales using this new software…

    Do you have any eCommerce stores or plans to get to into eCommerce?

    If you do, then you need to check out this awesome new software
    that basically uncovers the non-saturated top-selling products
    you need in your eCom stores ..

    See a demo here ( INSERT LINK HERE )

    The software is called, “Ali Inspector”, and they just released
    a new version 2 that’s absolutely PACKED with amazing features.

    The software finds these hidden golden nuggets from the famous
    wholesale site, AliExpress.

    In the software you can search AliExpress by keyword, or you can
    even search the top ranked AliExpress products through Bing!

    Not only that, in the new best sellers tool, you can simply select
    one of 380+ built-in categories, and instantly see ALL the top
    selling products in that category!

    Check it out here ( INSERT LINK HERE )

    One big mistake ecom sellers make is trying to sell the products
    from AliExpress that have thousands and thousands of sales.

    In most cases, these products are already over-saturated in the
    market and you won’t do that well with them.

    So, the trick is to uncover the non-saturated products.

    Using the Ali Inspector software, there is a built-in product
    sales history tool.

    Using this tool, you can quickly see how many sales a product
    has in the past several days/weeks/months and then determine
    if that product is in the sweet spot.

    Try to avoid products with thousands of sales that occurred
    months ago and are no longer selling, and look for products
    with 50-600 sales in the past week.

    Then you’ll start uncovering the hidden golden nuggets that
    could produce winning campaigns!

    The software has a LOT of amazing features which are too many
    to list here.

    Check out the details here and watch the demo video


    You will also notice they are currently running a launch
    discount where you can grab your copy at the lowest price.

    Take action today and start loading your ecommerce stores
    with the winning products you really need!

    Thanks and talk soon,


    50% Off angle

    1) Get 50% Off (few days only)
    2) Want 50% Off?
    3) Get Your 50% Off Discount Here – New eCom Research Software
    4) NEW AliExpress Research Software – Get your 50% Off Discount Here

    Hi everyone, here is an AWESOME software recommendation, AND
    a sweet 50% off discount along with it ..

    In a rush, see the software and 50% off discount here:


    The software is called, “Ali Inspector Version 2”, and has 6 built-in
    tools for finding top selling products on AliExpress that you can
    sell in your ecommerce stores, or arbitrage on Amazon and ebay!

    You can generate the top popular searched keywords directly
    from the AliExpress website, and then research related top
    selling products for those keywords in just seconds.

    Not only that, it’s packed with some incredible features …

    – product sales history tool – instantly see all the product sales
    per country, per day, per day of week, and per hour of day!
    – see the best selling products in over 380 AliExpress categories
    – Uncover the top selling products by keyword through AliExpress
    – See the top ranked AliExpress products through Bing
    – Import unlimited products into Shopify & WooCommerce
    – Import unlimited reviews with images into Shopify & WooCommerce
    – Download product descriptions, images, and html for multiple products at once
    – Save your favorites into groups using the new favorites tool
    – And so much MORE!

    There are far too many features to list, so we highly
    recommend you take a few minutes to watch their demo
    video on the following page, you won’t regret it!


    Make sure to take advantage of your 50% off discount before
    the price goes up.


    Thanks and talk soon,


    Shortcut Angle

    1) Finally! A real shortcut for your business…
    2) Check out this shortcut
    3) Wow, a real shortcut you can use right now
    4) Need a shortcut to improving your ecom stores?




    I’ve seen a lot of so-called “shortcuts”, but most of them a really a waste of time.

    Finally, I’ve come across a legitimate shortcut that you really must see:


    Imagine having the ability to magically uncover non-saturated top-selling
    ecommerce products in just minutes.

    Normally, it takes a lot of research, work, and even some luck to have a successful ecom product.

    But here’s a big shortcut:


    I recommend jumping on this right now, because the discount offer will expire soon.

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    Urgency angle

    NOTE – adjust the time accordingly!

    1) 48 Hour Notice
    2) Only 2 more days to grab this!
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    This incredible software discount is almost over:


    This kind of thing doesn’t happen very often. It would be a shame to miss out on it by one day!

    I highly recommend checking it out and grabbing it before it expires. Once it’s over, it’s over.


    This is a must-have for ANYONE who has an ecommerce store or plans to start one in 2019.

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    Closing angle

    1) 12 Hour Notice for Ali Inspector Version 2 Discount
    2) ( 12 hours Left ) – Did you claim your 50% Discount yet?
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    7) Awesome eCommerce Software Discount Expires in 12 hours!
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    Just a friendly warning the launch 50% discount for Ali Inspector Version 2
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    You got about 12 hours from when this message was sent to take
    action and grab this awesome software.

    There are a lot amazing features packed into this incredible software ..

    – product sales history tool – instantly see all the product sales
    per country, per day, per day of week, and per hour of day!
    – see the best selling products in over 380 AliExpress categories
    – Uncover the top selling products by keyword through AliExpress
    – See the top ranked AliExpress products through Bing
    – Import unlimited products into Shopify & WooCommerce
    – Import unlimited reviews with images into Shopify & WooCommerce
    – Download product descriptions, images, and html for multiple products at once
    – Save your favorites into groups using the new favorites tool
    – And so much MORE!


    This is an incredible deal for all the features packed
    into this software program and I highly recommend
    adding these software to your marketing toolbox.

    But, you only have until tonight to get the software at the
    lowest price, and afterward the price goes up to $67.

    It’s only a one-time fee with no monthly or yearly payments ever!



    Thanks and see you there,



    PS: I just LOVE the quote at the end of Dave’s demo video ..

    “Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs!”

    And, to build your dreams, you need the right tools.


    Graphics & Videos

    In the following package I put together some software screenshots, feature images, and other graphics. Plus, there are 2 videos, one you can use for ads and the main sales video.


    Note: Bonuses are NOT delivered automatically. Make sure you
    deliver these to your buyers. Plus, it makes for a more "real" bonus 🙂

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